Yesss! ;U; I might get to see her tonight, which would be really great! ewe She ended up coming down here a day earlier than I though, aha. xD Ill get to see her for sure tomorrow, since Mum is off! ;u; Im really excited to finally be able to see her again! :D

Today was the last day of school until September too, so thats good! uvu I had to wait two hours for the bus though, since the elementary / middle school didnt get out until ten fifteen or ten thirty, and I was done by roughly nine, I think. ;o; 

Anyway, I have to get off for tonight, since Melissa, Dad and I are leaving to go to a parade in less than ten minutes, so I dont have much time to write more here, so I think Im just going to get off for tonight. 030 

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure! :3

Good night guys! :D